The United States borrows "democracy" in the fake democratic anti-democracy (viewing platform)

The United States borrows "democracy" in the fake democratic anti-democracy (viewing platform)

  Recently, it has been self-evident as "Democratic Lighthouse", and it has begun to shout for "democracy" shaking flag, and pull it. Inviting more than 100 "Democracy", and the "Democratic Summit", the United States is riveting and building a "democratic" show, and makes itself a "democratic spokesperson".

  However, democracy is not ornament, not a promotional product.

A country is not democracy, it should be judged by the people of this country; which country is not democracy, it should be judged by the international community.

At the same time in the United States, the mouth sounded "democracy" while the United States did not buy it, the international community did not bother.

  In the "democrat" ruler, the United States really look at the evaluation of the people in the country before the finger feet, the head of the other country. According to a public opinion survey of the Associated Press-Norc Public Affairs Research Center, only 16% of Americans said that democracy is good or very good, 45% of Americans believe that democracy is not working properly, while 38% of Americans think democracy It is not good to operate.

In November, the "Wall Street Journal" website pointed out that in the 2020 election, people fell to the secret of the US democratic system to the lowest point in 20 years.

  Why is the American people lose trust in "American Democracy"? Cumulative new coronal pneumonia diagnosis case number is the world’s first, cumulative new crown pneumonia death case is the world’s first, in the world’s first, private guns hold the world, the world’s first, drug consumption world first … each After the "first", it is the suffering and tragedy of thousands of people.

The most basic life safety of the people is still not fully guaranteed.

"Democratic Politics" becomes "rich game" "money politics", "one person and one vote" voter becomes a few elite "mass actors" … The application of the US democratic system is constantly changed, the democratic system is capable Decline, American politicians I probably have already thrown the original intention of the kernel and institutional design of the US democratic system. Racial discrimination, poor and poor differentiation, social tear, etc. have repeatedly proved that "American Democracy" has gradually deviating from "initial heart", and has become a false democracy that caught people’s livelihood. When the United States continues to play the "Democracy" banner, please also ask the United States to listen to the international community.

According to a survey report of more than 10 developed countries and regions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and 57% of people think that the United States is no longer other. The national democratic model, 23% believe that the United States has never been a democratic model of other countries. Why is the international community to keep "American Democracy" awake? Within the world, the United States uses the name of "promoting democracy", but also interferes with sovereign national internal affairs, inciting turmoil, and even directly from troops, "democracy" as a political tool and weapon that maintains its global hegemony. And see how the United States sells "democracy": in Latin America, implement "Xinmen Luo"; in Eurasia, inciting "color revolution"; in West Asian north, remote control "Arab Spring".

For those who don’t want to listen to the United States, "supplementation", there is a political intervention, military intervention, economic blockade, regime subversion, and seriously undermine the social people’s livelihood, economic development, and people in these countries. Especially in the Middle East, the United States uses "anti-terror" and "democratic transformation" as an excuse, launched a multi-game war, which is seriously humanized. The Afghan war in 20 years has made Afghanistan, the people’s livelihood, the attack of Iraq, Syria, causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties, millions of civilians displacement. Taken by the United States to promote the "values" countries, real democracy, freedom, human rights, no traces, lasting chaos, development stagnation and humanitarian disasters are everywhere.

The reality of blood tears has clearly proves that "American Democracy" is naked hegemonism, which is the real "democracy", the fake democracy, anti-democracy.

  "The performance does not have to be the same, and it is expected to be adequate; the treatment does not have to be the same, and it will be in the people.

"There are many ways to realize democracy, it is impossible to do a thousand people. Use a single scale to measure the rich political system in the world, use monotonous vision to examine human colorful political civilization, and push your own" values ??"to others, this road is destined Walking for a long time. (Editor: White Yu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.