Within 30 days, over 12 large-scale technology industries have been intensive, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, gathering light valley

Within 30 days, over 12 large-scale technology industries have been intensive, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, gathering light valley

3 days, October 27th, the 18th "China Guanggu" International Optoelectron Expo will be opened at the Guanggu Science and Technology Exhibition Center.

"Golden Nine Silver 10", autumn is a golden period of various exhibitions and forum activities.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 12 large-scale technology industries have been intensive in Guanggu, including the Multi-Field "National Floor" event hosted by the Middle, China Science and Technology Association, the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc. Air-day information, new energy, intelligent driving, etc. The big exhibition, the big project promotes the import of industrial imports in Hubei East Lake Science, and the light-valley pillar industry makes the chain, strong chain.

On September 25th, "Kechuang China" production integration meeting · 2021 China "Double Carbon" Summit Forum, the first "double carbon" industrial park in the middle of China, one group of major projects, one of the four major innovation centers of Donghu Science City "Global Carbon Neutral and Engineering Technology Innovation Center" is a substantial step. On September 26th, Wuhan Huaxing launched the "Star Wings Program" will promote the industrial diversification layout in the optical valley, and the Guanggu "screen" industry will add new army. The enthusiasm of universities and enterprises is mobilized, and "chemical response" is constantly incurred.

On October 12, in 2021, Wuhan Science and Technology Achievements Conversion Docking Active Day Information Special, Wuhan University Physics Science and Technology Applied Academy and the Application of Emperor Co.

Scientists and entrepreneurs found each other in tropical rainforest innovative entrepreneurial ecology.

Innovation does not end.

On September 26th, in 2021, China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Camp No. 8 "Chuang Youth" China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Science and Technology Innovation Special) is launched, and the competition has been collected from about 4,500 projects in the country, including 11 projects in Hubei Province. Entering 4 of the final, optical electronic information, 2 large health, 5 intelligent manufacturing, and other classes, basically from Optical Valley; October 13 After the technical research and industrialization of the cover, after 2021 China (Wuhan) Overseas Talent Innovation Entrepreneurship Project Contest, the Landmarks will be signed. Yan Jun said: "The middle is the Wuhan industry chain. Here, the upstream enterprise gathering – Huaxing Optoelectronics, deep talents, Jingdong, these industries, the leading enterprises have exceeded layout.

"Recently, the first" Double Carbon "Industrial Demonstration Zone, Ruikegi Biological Global Headquarters, Ruike Biological R & D Center, Ruiji Biological R & D Center and Production Base, Taikang Technology and Da Health Headquarters and other projects settled. Next For a period of time, Guanggu will continue to continue: October 27th, the 18th "China Optical Valley" International Optoelectron Expo will open; November 3-4, 2021 Tencent Digital Ecology Conference will be in the Guanggu Science and Technology Convention Center Hold; on November 8-9, the first Yangtze River Economic Zone Human Resource Service Industry Innovation and Development Peak Dialogue will be held; November 19th, China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference will start … Guanggu’s strong innovation and development atmosphere, let the guest feel Co-frequency resonance. Liu Yong, Chairman, General Manager, said when participating in the contract: "We are attracted by the enthusiastic atmosphere of Guanggu, which is fitted with the Guanggu Industrial Development Strategy. "The 8th" Chuang Youth "China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Science and Technology Innovation Special Players Go to Guanggu Kechuang Great Corridor to visit 2021 China (Wuhan) Overseas Talent Innovation Entrepreneurship Project Contest Awards and the 6th China Optical Valley At the launching ceremony of the 3551 International Entrepreneurship, Ye Yi, chairman of Fengyi, said: "Guanggu has not only a good government service and business environment, but the best is that it will continue to develop, and its future will be better. . "At the 18th China City News Gandard Union joint meeting and hundreds of online media edits to see Wuhan event, Xi’an News Network Deputy Chief Editor-Arms said:" Look at the status quo and future planning of Guanggu, I It is very shocking, and the technology innovation of Optics Valley has taken advantage of the leading role of the country’s frontier, the industrial chain leads and leads in the forefront of the ecology. ".