These two words, run through "planning outline"

These two words, run through "planning outline"

The blueprint has been painted, and the horn is born.

"The 14th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") The principle that must be followed. How does "planning the plan" implement and reflect this principle? Around this problem, there is a studio conversation of the Chinese Communist Party School for the former vice president Sun Ce. The words are reasonable: learning the "Plan" we can find that the "people" two-word throughput is always.

Sun Qingju: It is this. The "Planning Outline" is "adhered to the people-centered" as the principle of economic and social development in the "14th Five-Year Plan", reflects the "Plan Outline" to adhere to the people-oriented thinking, and actively respond to the demands of the people. I hope that what kind of development we have to achieve, how to achieve development, fully highlight the initiative and mission of the Chinese Communists.

The words are reasonable: Please talk about what kind of development we have to achieve, how to achieve development? Sun Qingju: The people of the people have a good life, which is our struggle.

The important deployment made by the Planning Outline is achieved by achieving good, safeguarding, developing the fundamental interests of the most broad masses of the broadestherse, is fundamental to meet the growing beauty of the people. Specifically, the important deployment of multi-level social security system to accelerate and improve the whole people, coordinate urban and rural, fair and unity, and sustainable, in order to learn, learning, labor, disease, old There is a new progress in the continuous improvement of people, there is a residence, and the new initiative to promote the comprehensive green transformation of the economic and social development is to meet the people’s blue, the mountain is greenery, the water is clearer, the environment It is better to make a deployment of the implementation of urban update actions, in order to improve the living conditions of the old community residents … The people are the creation of history, the people are real heroes.

"Plan" emphasizes "development of people", we must insist on relying on the people to create history. It is necessary to adhere to the status of the people, but also to clarify the people in the final judge. "Planning Outline" emphasizes the important deployment of the people to enhance the people, happiness, security, and the specific initiatives proposed, highlight our party’s efforts to make a new and more excellent answer to the people. Unintendent determination.

The words are reasonable: Common wealth is the essential requirements of socialism, and it is the common expectation of the people.

"Planning Outline" is an important deployment in promoting common prospecting? Sun Qingju: Development is the foundation, no development, no solid development results, and there is no talk. We must not shake the development is the last word, constantly do "cake", and constantly divide "cake". "Improve the mechanism for financial transfer payment support underdeveloped regions, gradually realize basic public services" "Promoting urbanization construction" "Implementation Employment Priority Strategy" "Implementing Employment Priority Strategy" … "Planning Outline" a series of policy initiatives show that we must promote sharing development and promote common prosperity with greater strength.

The words are reasonable: to enhance the people’s well-being, the comprehensive development of people to promote people is the essence requirements of our party to the party as the public and governing for the people.

What are the important deployment of further promotion of people’s comprehensive development? Sun Qingjuba: After the founding of New China, especially in the unremitting struggle of reform and opening up, we already have a new journey to achieve new and higher objectives, and have a strong material foundation for promoting people’s comprehensive development.

We must resolutely implement the important deployment of the "Planning Outline", more consciously resolve regional gaps, urban and rural gaps, income gaps, etc. , Pension, support, etc., pay more attention to tilt to the rural, grassroots, underdeveloped regions, tilt to difficult people, promote social fairness and justice, let development results more equally and all the people, thus constantly promoting people’s comprehensive development . (有 理 工作 工作 工作 编 编 编 (编 编: Wan Peng, Qinhua).