Yunnan Wenshan: Tax Service and upgrading the company’s development "Timgen"

Yunnan Wenshan: Tax Service and upgrading the company’s development "Timgen"

The Wenshan State Tax Department in Yunnan combines the education of party history, tightly deduct the taxpayer’s contributions, and carry out the practice activities of "I will pay for the taxpayer’s paying person", and promote the implementation of tax and fee promotion, and the civil tax will be Reduce the burden, the tax service is upgraded, and the "taxation" of the incorporation of the enterprise is evolved.

"Detailed" intimate service help enterprises to promote taxpayers pay the fees to master policies, use good policies, Wenshan State tax department under the first line of enterprises, carry out the "drip feeding" taxation service, to ensure policy bonus in the form of "one-to-one" Enjoy. Yunnan Wenshan Co., Ltd. is established in July 2020 and began to develop aluminum mineral resources development and exploitation in 2021. "When our company has just started, many tax processes are still unfamiliar. The comrades of the tax department are passionate and careful. I will answer our questions in time. Slowly our business is more and more, the tax bureau’s gay hand hand Guide us to deal with the declaration and apply for invoices on the online, which greatly improves our tax efficiency.

"The company’s finance staff Liu Guiyan said.

With the development of enterprises, the company’s business volume rises, and the value-added tax special invoice with 100,000 yuan in the past has not been able to meet the needs, and the company tax department needs to be often ran in the county.

"Considering the actual situation of the company, with the recommendations and help of taxpasters, we will submit a special invoice application for millions of yuan in time, effectively reduce the cost of taxation. Always pay attention, timely tutoring, tax department’s intimate service Let us pay attention to the development. "The company’s person in charge and Deming said that under the fine service of the tax department, the company’s various types of tax-related issues have been successfully resolved, and the company’s operation gradually enters the right track, and the excellent tax business environment is further mentioned. Vibrate the development confidence of the company.

"Question needs" to serve "in front of the pre-service and solving the richness of Mineral resources, 38 kinds of minerals, 19 kinds of mineral, zinc, manganese and iron have been developed, and the mineral resources are the Mystery County An important strategic resources for social development. In order to serve the development of local characteristics, local tax departments use tax high data advantages, timely master the needs, accurate push policies, and provide services. Yunnan Resources Co., Ltd. is a company in a local area of ??tin mine smelting, mining and sales.

By analyzing the company’s tax declaration form, the taxpay discovers that the company meets the conditions for the addition of value-added tax increments to the tax rebate policy, and the policy will be sent to the door for the first time.

"Influenced by the epidemic, the business is limited, the capital turnover has problems, thanks to the help department, more than 500,000 tax rebates’ seconds to account", effectively alleviate the shortage of corporate funds. "Yunnan A Resource Co., Ltd. Li Ming, the financial person in charge of the Branch of the Branch of the Branch. Since the continuous data platform, the Wenshan state tax department has implemented the "non-differentiated service to refine, intelligent, personalized service", relying on the taxation of big data platforms, through strengthening analysis, continuous mining data potential, driving to the data request " Before the service, "people find policies" into "policies to find people", help market subjects better develop with "follow-up" service.

"Use heart" home service coverage is broader to reduce the flow of taxpayers during the epidemic, the Wenshan State tax department take the initiative to attack, organize cadres into the village, to help the taxpayer to install electronic invoice equipment, solve more than 1,000 small and micro enterprises in the jurisdiction And the use of an individual industrial and commercial households. "In the past, we have been using paper invoices. The ‘online application of the tax department, the online postal mailing’ is very convenient for our taxpayer, and the promotion of electronic invoices is also a milestone, it is convenient for our company. "Wenshan Information Co., Ltd." Chen Yongjin said: "Under the grim situation of the current border epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing needs to be carried out. It is really less convenient for township enterprises. The tax bureau is directly on the door, there is temperature See also the service of action is moving! "As the process of taxation is constantly accelerating, Wenshan State Taxation Department is unswervingly implemented, actively serving and integrating new development patterns, and promoting taxation service innovation The initiatives have been declining, and the "Getting Gas" "Taxi" is developed as the tax service. The relevant person in charge of the taxation service department of Wenshan State Taxation Bureau said: "Next, Wenshan State Taxation Department will continue to promote tax sector ‘reforms’ reforms, with greater strength, more measures, and efficiently serve various market mains Continue to optimize the business environment, enhance economic development motivation. "(Li Junnan, Wang Qi Wei) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.