What is the trains walk in the desert? Viya tells the sand legendary red imprint Episode 86

What is the trains walk in the desert? Viya tells the sand legendary red imprint Episode 86

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, e-commerce annex Weiya.

The cultural relics I told is a certificate.

On the covered category cover, there are several big characters in the national emblem of the People’s Republic of China and the National Science and Technology Progress Award Special Award. The certificate of the award project in the certificate is written: the establishment of the sandwalker protection system of Shapotou, the Balan Railway; the winning unit is the Lanzhou Desert Research Institute, Lanzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This certificate is collected in the archives of the Institute of Environmental and Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and its photo is exhibited in the Dangdou Museum of Sandpo, Ningxia.

This seemingly ordinary certificate records the Chinese people ‘s hard work, scientifically governing the history of sand, and the history of natural dialogue.

On August 1, 1958, the main railway trunk line of North China – Baolan Railway was open to traffic. It is the first railway through the desert in China, of which 16 kilometers is in more than 100 meters thick.

The core location is the current Ningxia Sandelou Scenic Area. Prior to this, there was no precedent in the mobile sand dunes.

Many foreign experts believe that even if the railway construction is completed, the operation will be invaded by the flow of sand dunes, and it is almost impossible for long-term safety. In order to challenge, it is impossible, and people began to study attempts. Just started, in order to prevent the desert flow, everyone will pick the wheat grass to the desert, and then cover it on the grass with the sand, try to fix the desert.

In the winter of northwest, after a big wind, the dry sand has long been leaking from the gap of the wheat grass, and the grass is often blown.

How to fix the wheat grass? He has served as Zhang Kezhi, who has served in the Swanwen Field Place of Railway, said that the owner workers will give them inspiration.

Zhang Kezhi: Our technical master is with our employees at the scene, when the scene is blown on the scene, I saw that the wheat grass "is" is blown by the wind. There is a worker to take the shovel to block the wheat grass.

When I blocked it, I took it into the sand, only a few pieces of wheat grass.

After the wind passed to the site, I saw that the other whole army didn’t, the wheat grass was scraped, and the shovel in the sand was still informally, which was inspired. Under the leadership of scientists, people explore the optimal plan of the wheat mega in the dialogue of countless times.

What shape is it such as wheat straw? Is the round or square? What is the size of the 草, how is it? After countless experiments, 1 meter mahc square Galanza was finally studied. It is like a big net, which is firmly fixed in the grid area.

It seems simple technique, and scientists have repeatedly tried the experiments through nearly 10 years. Zhang Zhishan, deputy station director of the Sandou Desert Research Experimental Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: This is really not easy, just the principle of the mood of the mood, it took 10 years to explain.

The words of these instruments are to slowly develop.

At that time, this coupon was developed, and there were also how to blow in our wind cave, what to blow in the wind tunnel.

Wheat grass is not difficult to operate, that is, use 1 kg heavy wheat straw in the desert in the desert, takes 1 meter sanding, tied into the sand and the length of the wheat straw outside, is about 15 cm.

These exposed wheat grass form a 1-meter fence on the sand, fixed the flow of the desert, form a certain resistance to the wind. Zhang Zhishan said that this technology "seek true" is also particularly pragmatic. Zhang Zhishan: It is easy to use technology.

One of its roles is 1 meter, the second is good accounting.

The first good calculation, a grass is 1 kg of wheat grass; there is a good construction. The wheat grass is just the first step in fixed sagging.

Since then, the seeds of the sissy plant are sprinkled in the wheat grass wall, with the ragur rot, seed growth, lichens, fern, herb, shrubs, semi-shrubs, three, five years can form a small ecosystem, let the rebellion The sand is coming.

Famous scientists, my country’s modern geography and meteorology founded the foundation in the "to the Desert into the Desert" in the article, the results of sand, the Sandyou section of Balan Railway, did the following evaluation:.